Welcome to the new BEN website!

Hey everyone, ecovillagers in the Baltic sea region. The Baltic Ecovillage Network have made a new website and it is now up and running. 🙂

CONTRIBUTE: We need some help to make the website shiny, so if you have some pictures from your ecovillage life we would love to use them on our website. Just send them to our email: balticecovillagesnetwork@gmail.com.

BLOG: We also will start using the blog function, so if you have a story to share with the network please feel free to get in contact and we can help you make it into a nice format.

ONLINE SEMINAR: We are happy to announce that we are planning an online seminar for our network. There we will get a chance to connect and share our thoughts and feelings on the current situation and share ideas for how we as ecovillagers can contribute to positive change in society. This seminar


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